Sustainable Living

Sustainable living isn't just about protecting the planet. It's about protecting ourselves and the generations still to come.

Sustainable living is more than a thing treehuggers talk about.

Sustainable living is a way of life.

And it’s a way of life we all need to adopt in order to save our planet – and ourselves.

Because sustainable living isn’t just about protecting the earth’s resources and the plants, animals and eco-systems that call it home. It’s about protecting us too, as well as the generations still to come.

So, how do we actually live sustainably?

Sustainable living is largely about achieving a balance.

Society’s needs and wants, as well as economic stability, often seem at odds with environmental preservation. But they don’t have to be.

It is actually in the balance between society, the economy and the environment that true sustainability is found.

When people still have access to goods and services. But these goods and services are manufactured and sold with their environmental impact just as big a concern as their economic impact.

When jobs are still created. But these jobs are created in sectors that both foster the economy and protect – even begin to heal – the planet.

In its simplest form, the word sustainable means the ability to last. And so within its own terminology, sustainable living is only working if it can be maintained.

Of Houses and Trees is all about offering everyday tips for sustainable living. In what we buy, what we eat, what we think, we have the ability to make conscious, intentional decisions. For us and for the earth.

Find the latest posts on sustainable living below!

What is a Composting Toilet and How Does it Work?

Considering purchasing a compost toilet but wondering, "How does a composting toilet work?" Kildwick, experts on all things loo-related, provide the answer.There are many reasons why people would choose a composting toilet for all their number one and two needs. It may be for their boat or RV, their cabin or tiny house, or even to use as a backup loo in their home. If this sounds intriguing to you, but also kind of yucky, you may be thinking, "Okay... but how does a compost toilet work?"

To answer that question, I talked to experts on composting toilets - the German-based company Kildwick. Kildwick is super passionate about toilets. Seriously. Want to know why?

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6 Electricity Apps That Help You Save Money and the Planet

Put your phone to good use and track your energy consumption with these six electricity apps. Because being aware is the first step toward making a change!If you already use LED lightbulbs in your home, own efficient appliances and turn off the lights when you leave the room, you may be wondering - what's the next energy-saving step? Why not give one of these six electricity apps for your smartphone a try?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the United States' electricity system can have a high environmental impact.

The burning of fuel to create electricity releases greenhouse gases and other pollutants into the atmosphere.

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40 Sustainable Clothing Brands That Will Help You Green Your Closet

One of the easiest ways to start living a greener life is to quit fast fashion - and start supporting these 40 sustainable clothing companies!One of the easiest ways to start living a greener life is to quit fast fashion and start supporting sustainable clothing companies.

If you aren't familiar with the term fast fashion yet, it's clothing designed, manufactured and sold by brands and companies that care about the bottom line.


Fast fashion brands use cheap fabrics, pay their factory workers extremely low wages and create a ton of waste in the process.

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Buy Bamboo Clothing

Why exactly is bamboo clothing such a sustainable option? I'm so glad you asked! Here are five reasons why you need to start buying bamboo.Telling you that you need to buy bamboo clothing may seem a little extreme. Especially for a sustainability blog.

But the truth is - us humans need to start doing a lot of things if we're going to rectify the damage we've done to the planet.

And replacing the unsustainable things we buy with greener options is an important first step.

When it comes to clothing, buying secondhand is a great choice. But what if you don't have access to thrift stores?

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Zero Waste Gift Ideas Even Non-Treehuggers Will Love

Plastic-free and made by awesome, earth-friendly individuals and brands, you can find zero waste gifts for every person on your shopping list!You're a treehugger. In your daily life, you avoid plastic packaging, wear thrifted threads and support eco-conscious businesses whenever you can.

Yet every year as the holiday season approaches, you fill with low-level dread. It's time to buy your friends and family gifts - but they aren't treehuggers like you. They're all normal and stuff.

How can you give them something they'll love, that's also gentle to the planet?

Enter zero waste gifts.

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Wooden Raised Garden Beds + Organic Vegetable Gardening | Our House in the Trees | Episode 9

If you're also looking for inexpensive garden beds ideas - building wooden raised garden beds from old materials is about as budget-friendly as you can get. This summer was our first year using wooden raised garden beds to grown our vegetables and I have to say - it went really well!

Sure, as with any garden season there were ups and downs. But overall I would say we were quite successful.

And a big part of that is due to our raised garden beds.

When we moved into our home last fall, the frost had already settled in. We weren't able to ready an in-ground garden before it snowed.

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How to Get Started with Green Investing

Green bonds are one of the most low-risk forms of green investments. If you want to help create a more sustainable future, green bonds may be for you.What is green investing? How do I get started with green investing? Why are green investments something I should even care about?

Great questions! Questions I have too.

I don't consider myself a financial expert.

What I am is someone who cares deeply about environmental issues and wonders on a daily basis - as many of us do - if I'm doing enough to help curb climate change and preserve our natural resources.

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Starting a Garden | Our House in the Trees | Episode 8

Always dreamed of starting a garden? Me too! Which is why it was the first project we tackled after moving into our sustainable home. Check it out!Always dreamed of starting a garden? Me too! Which is why it was one of the first projects we tackled after we moved into our sustainable home - once the snow finally melted, of course.

And though I'm not brand new to gardening and had a small one at our old house, this is the first year I feel like we have a "real" garden. My original plan was to not go overboard and plant every vegetable I could think of. But once we started building raised beds I just couldn't help myself.

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10 Nature-Inspired Mother's Day Gifts

Looking for eco-friendly mother's day gifts? These 10 nature-inspired items are sure to delight the mother earth loving mother in your life - whether that be your mom, mom-in-law, grandma, sister - or yourself!Looking for eco-friendly mother's day gifts? Well, you found them!

Whether you're the treehugger in the family, or your mom is, these ten nature-inspired, green mother's day gifts are sure to delight.

I've never had to wonder where I got my love of nature.

Because my parents infused it into my childhood from the very beginning. Not that we talked about it.

It was just something we did.

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10 Helpful Blog Posts about Green Living

Whether you're starting out or well on your way, these 10 blog posts offer over 30 green living tips sure to help you live your most eco-conscious life.Are you as passionate about helping the environment as I am? I sure hope so! Or maybe you're just starting out on your journey to full-fledged treehugger. Welcome! I hope I can help. I've gathered up ten Of Houses and Trees posts offering more than thirty green living tips in total.

As always, my hope is to inspire you to consider our beautiful planet in everything you do. If you enjoy and/or appreciate this post, please consider sharing and sending these green living tips across the globe!

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