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Looking for sustainable products for your home - and beyond? Welcome to the Of Houses and Trees sustainable product directory. Happy sustainable shopping!


Want to learn more about sustainable products for everything from your kitchen to your craft cupboard? Then you should definitely check out these posts!

5 Reasons Why You Need To Buy Bamboo Clothing

Why exactly is bamboo clothing such a sustainable option? I'm so glad you asked! Here are five reasons why you need to start buying bamboo.Telling you that you need to buy bamboo clothing may seem a little extreme. Especially for a sustainability blog.

But the truth is - us humans need to start doing a lot of things if we're going to rectify the damage we've done to the planet.

And replacing the unsustainable things we buy with greener options is an important first step.

When it comes to clothing, buying secondhand is a great choice. But what if you don't have access to thrift stores?

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Zero Waste Gift Ideas Even Non-Treehuggers Will Love

Plastic-free and made by awesome, earth-friendly individuals and brands, you can find zero waste gifts for every person on your shopping list!You're a treehugger. In your daily life, you avoid plastic packaging, wear thrifted threads and support eco-conscious businesses whenever you can.

Yet every year as the holiday season approaches, you fill with low-level dread. It's time to buy your friends and family gifts - but they aren't treehuggers like you. They're all normal and stuff.

How can you give them something they'll love, that's also gentle to the planet?

Enter zero waste gifts.

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10 Nature-Inspired Mother's Day Gifts

Looking for eco-friendly mother's day gifts? These 10 nature-inspired items are sure to delight the mother earth loving mother in your life - whether that be your mom, mom-in-law, grandma, sister - or yourself!Looking for eco-friendly mother's day gifts? Well, you found them!

Whether you're the treehugger in the family, or your mom is, these ten nature-inspired, green mother's day gifts are sure to delight.

I've never had to wonder where I got my love of nature.

Because my parents infused it into my childhood from the very beginning. Not that we talked about it.

It was just something we did.

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Minimalist Home Office Decor Shopping Guide

Creating a space that helps you feel peaceful and productive is the key to work-at-home success. And these home office decor items will do just that!Who says you need an office to create an office space? Once upon a time, home offices took up a lot of room with oversized desks, clunky computers and massive filing cabinets.

Thankfully, now all you really need is a laptop and an internet connection and you're good to go! Of course, not everyone can focus if they just plunk their computer down on their dining room table.

Creating a space that helps you feel peaceful and productive is the key to a successful work-at-home situation.

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Boho Bedroom Shopping Guide

Love the look of bohemian bedroom decor, but need a little guidance pulling it all together? Check out this boho bedroom shopping guide - featuring eco-conscious items from ethical marketplace Made Trade!

If you love cozy, eclectic bohemian bedroom decor, but need a little guidance in finding the perfect pieces to pull the look together - you've come to the right place! And the best part is that all the items featured below are eco-conscious and ethically made. Because if you're going to do bohemian, you better do it right. Right?

For this bedroom, I've carefully selected items from online marketplace Made Trade. Made Trade believes "we can make the world a more beautiful place by holding ourselves to a higher ethical standard."

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5 Handmade Modern Farmhouse Light Fixtures

Looking for modern farmhouse light fixtures? Well, these five beauties are the real deal as they were all handmade!

Looking for modern farmhouse light fixtures? These five lights are a little bit rustic, a little bit industrial - and all beautiful.

Reclaimed barn wood. Metal pipes. Exposed wires. Edison bulbs.

Will the modern farmhouse decor style ever fall out of fashion? I sure hope not!

But even if it does, it will always be beautiful and timeless to me because I was raised on antiques and repurposed treasures.

When a home trend gets as big as modern farmhouse, you can find furniture, accessories and lighting pretty much anywhere that sells decor and design items.

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9 Eco-Friendly Matte Black Bathroom Faucets

Black bathroom sink faucets are on trend. And thanks to brands like Moen, Delta and Vigo - you can save water in style with their low-flow, WaterSense labelled fixtures.So what makes a bathroom faucet eco-friendly? Well, as I mentioned in my post How to Design an Eco-Friendly Bathroom, making sure you have a low-flow bathroom sink faucet is pretty much a must.

Every time you turn on the tap you have the opportunity to use less water than you would if you had a traditional faucet.

All while washing and brushing just as effectively as you would with a higher flow-rate. Still a little uncertain about this whole flow-rate business? I'll break it down.

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Green This Look: Rustic Industrial Kitchen

Welcome to the next entry in my "Green This Look" series, featuring a rustic industrial style kitchen filled with très cool and earth-friendly finishes! Welcome to the second post in my Green This Look series! For this round I chose this très cool rustic industrial style kitchen. Because design fusion is, like, so in right now. If you haven't seen my first post featuring a boho-minimalist living room, you can visit it right here.

My whole purpose with this series is to illustrate that any room, any decor style, can be achieved with finishes and features that are kinder to the earth than the traditional everything-must-be-brand-new approach. Because brand new is kinda old, am I right?

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5 of the Most Energy Efficient Refrigerators

What's an eco-conscious kitchen without an energy efficient fridge? Here are five of the most efficient Energy Star rated refrigerators out there!What's an eco-conscious kitchen without an energy efficient fridge?

My post How to Design an Eco-Friendly Kitchen gave an overview of things to think about when creating an environmentally responsible kitchen.

But the individual elements of an eco-friendly kitchen each deserve their own post because there is so much to consider.

The first area of the eco-friendly kitchen that I want to dive into is appliances.

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How to Design an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Looking to create an eco-friendly bathroom? It's the perfect opportunity to green everything - including your tub, sink, faucet, vanity and toilet!

When it comes to creating an eco-friendly bathroom, we all know we need to reduce our water usage. But there's no reason to stop there! Companies who make traditional bathroom materials and products don't always take their environmental impact into account. Thankfully, there are a whole host of options for creating a sustainable space to wash, brush, floss and... all that other stuff.

As always, the first step is to follow the three Rs. If the bathroom is part of a new build or an addition to your home, reduce its square footage.

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Green This Look: Boho-Minimalist Living Room

Welcome to "Green This Look," where I show you how to create an eco-friendly living room and offer some bohemian decor ideas - that are great for any space! You know those "Get This Look" blog posts and pins you see where someone breaks down an interior space or an outfit and shows you how to replicate it? Well, welcome to my "Green This Look" series. Where I do the same thing, but instead of suggesting just any old decor - everything I suggest will be eco-friendly!

We begin with a bohemian inspired minimalist living room (Image Credit: Daria Shevtsova). This home decor look is really popular right now. 

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9 Pieces of Nature-Inspired Jewelry

If you love nature and you love jewelry, then there's no question about it - you'll love these nine handmade pieces of nature-inspired jewelry!Knowing how much of a treehugger I am, one of my students recently told me she had seen earrings made out of tree slices. And all I could think was "why do I not have a pair of them right now!"

To be honest, I don't wear a lot of jewelry. Just my engagement and wedding rings, plus a small hoop through the top of my ear that I never take out. I also have a couple necklaces and a few pairs of earrings that I'll throw on when I'm going out. But, I mean... come on! Tree slice earrings?! I just had to have 'em.

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How to Design an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

From cabinets, to countertops, to appliances, to lighting - an eco-friendly kitchen is green, energy efficient - and stylish!If the kitchen truly is - as the saying goes - the heart of the home, then it's extra important that it be eco-friendly! Kitchens are one of the most overwhelming areas of a house to design or renovate, because there are so many items and materials to choose and so many options to choose from.

Even in the eco-friendly niche, after your options have been narrowed down, choosing cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring and lighting can seem like an endless - and sometimes confusing - task.

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Eco-Friendly Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Who said stocking stuffer gifts can't be environmentally friendly? Hop aboard the green Christmas train with these thoughtful - and eco-friendly - gifts.Ah, the Christmas stocking. Stocking stuffer gifts are unfortunately one of those holiday traditions that can be... well... really wasteful. Don't get me wrong, I love stockings and I certainly would not advocate for getting rid of them, but they shouldn't be an excuse to buy  crap. You know what I'm talking about. Cheap trinkets. Chocolates wrapped in plastic in a box wrapped in plastic. Gag gifts that are good for a laugh and then immediately discarded. I'll admit, I've thoughtlessly bought junky stocking stuffer gifts in the past. But this year I vow to do better. Shall we do better together?

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Halloween Costumes from Thrifted Items - You Can Wear Again!

This Halloween, be smart - not scary. Create customized second hand Halloween costumes with items you can add to your regular wardrobe and wear again!I may cause those of you who love Halloween to scratch your wig-covered heads - because you're already wearing your costume, obviously - when I tell you that I'm not a fan. Then you ask through your plastic glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth, "What's not to love?"

Don't you like costumes? I'm a dancer - of course I like costumes! What about candy? I've been known to down an entire bag of sour Skittles in one sitting. A big bag too. And scary stories? I'm not a fan of the super gory stuff, but a tastefully told ghost story? Yeah, you got my attention.

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How to Decorate an Eco-Friendly Kid's Bedroom

Decorating an eco friendly kids room is as easy as reducing, reusing and recycling. Think vintage finds, natural materials and using what you already have!Rooms for kids are the perfect place to go all out with eco-friendly decor. Why? Because so many parents already want their child's room to be non-toxic and tend to gravitate toward natural materials anyway. (With the exception of all that unnecessary plastic. There are other options - I promise!) Kids' rooms are also the perfect place to throw in some secondhand furniture and decor - because it means saving money! And, more importantly, it means there's no need to buy brand new - and no need for all the packaging that comes with new items.

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Eco-Friendly School Supplies

Green your school year by investing in eco-friendly school supplies such as binders made from recycled materials and glue made from natural ingredients.Back-to-school may be a stressful time, but with my eldest daughter entering Kindergarten - I'm actually pretty excited. I know she's going to love it what with all the learning and the crafting and the playing. And - although having her away from home for two (sometimes three!) full days a week will be hard - I think it will be good for us as a family.

Plus, sending her to school means I get to shop for school supplies - something I've always had a bit of a fascination with. And not just any school supplies, but eco-friendly ones!

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Where to Buy Eco-Friendly Home Decor

Now more than ever it's easy to buy eco-friendly home decor. Whether buying secondhand or sustainably sourced products - there's no reason not to buy green!Now more than ever it's easy to buy eco-friendly home decor to fill your interior spaces. From buying secondhand, to searching out sustainably sourced products, to shopping on websites entirely dedicated to earth friendly finds. There's no reason not to buy green!

Secondhand Stores

Secondhand stores are treasure troves of eco-friendly home decor. Why? Because buying something pre-loved means there's no need to contribute to the production cycle required to make new items.

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Eco-Friendly Dance Supplies

Want to be a green dancer? Consider investing in eco-friendly dance supplies such as vegan dance shoes, organic dancewear and secondhand costumes.

Welcome to the wonderful world of eco-friendly dance supplies!

I consider myself a pretty passionate person. And if you’ve been reading Of Houses and Trees for any length of time, you’d probably agree that when it comes to sustainability and preserving our beautiful planet – I’m all in.

But I’m passionate about more than making the world a greener place. And – for as long as I can remember – dance has been one of those things.

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Eco-Friendly Craft Supplies for Kids

Craft supplies for kids are usually non-toxic, but that doesn't mean they're earth-friendly. Here are few non-toxic AND eco-friendly craft supplies.Ever since my eldest daughter could hold a crayon (without eating it), she's been a crafter. Colouring, stickering, cutting, glueing - she does it all and loves it all. So, of course I'm always on the hunt for the most eco-friendly craft supplies I can find.

You'd think it would be easy - after all, most kid's craft supplies are non-toxic. But just because something is non-toxic to humans doesn't mean it's environmentally friendly.

I've rounded up a few of the greenest craft supplies I could find.

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Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts

Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts by Of Houses and Trees | Green the holidays this year with these eco-friendly Christmas gifts - made by awesome, earth-conscious artisans from around the world.What? You're accusing me of creating a holiday gift guide filled with eco-friendly swag I want for myself?! Why I never... Okay. You got me. But just because I'd be super happy to find any of these eco-friendly Christmas gifts under the tree doesn't mean someone on your list won't want them too. (And maybe buy a little something for yourself while you're at it?)

The best thing about this gift guide is everything on it is eco-friendly, i.e.: organic, handmade, reusable and so on and so forth! The second best thing is that I found all of these items on Etsy.

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Amazon Whole Foods Market + 9 of the Most Sustainable Foods

Most Sustainable Foods by Of Houses and Trees | Amazon and Whole Foods recently announced a partnership that includes the increased availability of products - including some of the most sustainable foods.Amazon and health food supermarket Whole Foods recently announced a partnership that includes the lowering of prices in-store and increased availability of products through Amazon itself. Since there are no Whole Foods Market stores in the province where I live - I don't have any personal experience with the grocery chain, but I do have experience with Amazon as far as ordering items such as books, movies and so on. Being into sustainable eating - meaning buying foods produced in environmentally conscious ways - my initial reaction to purchasing food items from Amazon is mixed. 

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Eco-Friendly Lighting and Accessories

Eco-Friendly Lighting by Of Houses and Trees | Nowadays, you can find eco-friendly lighting fixtures that are made of recycled materials, as well cool accessories like LED Edison bulbs.Lighting is one of my favourite aspects of home design and decor. Even before I had a home to decorate, I would always end up in the lighting aisle every time I went to a big box store. Like a bug to a flame - or to a wrought-iron chandelier, the lights just called to me.

I've also always been really sensitive to lighting levels and associate certain lights with certain tasks only. I'm constantly going around the house at night turning specific lights on and off depending on what I'm doing and how I'm feeling.

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Eco-Friendly Gardening Items

Eco-Friendly Garden by Of Houses and Trees | 'Tis the season! For gardening that is. Here are nine eco-friendly garden items - from seeds to shears - that every green thumb needs.

'Tis the season! For gardening that is. There aren't many things in this world better than sticking your hands in freshly turned garden soil. (Except eating it when pregnant - which I did. Don't judge.) Last spring, I wrote a post featuring a Homemade Garden Fertilizer recipe, but I only tried it out once due to the fact that I had a newborn and a two year old at the time.

Now that my kids are one and three I obviously have so much more time on my hands.

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Eco-Friendly Outdoor Decor

Eco-Friendly Outdoor Decor by Of Houses and Trees | The most important place in your home to be eco-friendly isn't even in your home. It's outside! Here are nine green outdoor decor items to make earth smile.

Ah... spring. Time to throw open the doors, get out the patio furniture and bask in the loveliness of blooming flowers and happily chirping birds. Or, if you live where I do, continue to hide indoors as it snows day after day after day. Which pretty accurately describes the month of April here.

Now it's May and the snow might be gone again - you'd think we'd be safe. But, in Alberta, we're never really safe. From tsunamis? Yes. Spring snow storms? Hell no.

C'est la vie. Let's get outside when we can.

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