Want to create a well-worn and welcoming feeling in your kitchen, but aren’t sure where to start? Why not start with these farmhouse dining table setting tips!

A wooden dining table set with a cream coloured runner, fresh lilacs in a mason jar, a vintage teapot and dried lavender.

I keep hearing people say farmhouse is “over,” or that it’s been replaced by new trends such as cottagecore or organic modern. But the way I see it, any new trend has to come from somewhere. While the names we use to describe the current decor styles may change, the underlying characteristics essentially stay the same. 

Farmhouse is a core trend that I don’t see going anywhere. I think people love farmhouse because it’s simple and unfussy, but also warm and inviting. I incorporate several different decor styles into my home, but my love of old and not-so-perfect things – that’s very farmhouse.

One lovely way to bring a cozy, well-loved and timeless vibe into your home is in the kitchen. Which is why I wanted to talk about a few of the main features that make the dining table the absolute centre of a farmhouse home. These farmhouse dining table setting ideas are perfect for special occasions, but they also work for those of us who like a pretty home just because!

Ready to take a look at some of the elements that make farmhouse kitchen table decor so inviting? Read on…

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Start with the Table

Before you can follow my tips on how to decorate a farmhouse table, you uh… kind of need one. And hopefully you already have a lovely place to eat your meals around, but if not – or if you’re on the lookout for something new – make sure to check out your local buy and sells for secondhand finds. Not only is this a great way to save money, it’s also a much more eco-conscious way to shop and it lends itself nicely to the worn-in, rustic charm of a farmhouse home.


If you’re unable to find something thrifted that you like or something that fits your current space, you can buy new tables with the character of an old one. But please consider buying your new dining table from a local, small business that crafts vintage-style modern farmhouse furniture by hand and NOT from a fast furniture retailer.

Add Something Soft

A well-loved wooden table may be cozy and welcoming, but soft it ain’t. One of the key elements when it comes to decor for a farmhouse table is balancing out the rough textures with soft ones. This is where natural fabrics such as linen and unbleached cotton come in. For example, you can lay down a pretty floral-patterned table cloth. But of course that would cover the lovely wood, so something such as a simple table runner works better.

A wooden table set with white plates, lace napkins and greenery.
How sweet are these lace napkins? And paired with the little bundles of herbs? It’s almost too pretty for words. (Image Credit: Seasons by Sarah via Hunker)

If you don’t like the idea of covering up your beautiful dining table, bring out the placements and napkins at meal time to add some texture. Don’t have placements and napkins? (I can relate because we currently use dishcloths as napkins… classy, right?) Time to go thrifting or head on over to Etsy to support a small business owner. 

Need help choosing eco-conscious furniture and decor for your home? That’s what I’m here for!

Incorporate Pottery

There is just something about a piece of slightly off-kilter, well-worn pottery that fits the farmhouse vibe so well. So many of these farmhouse table decorating ideas – and this style in general – derive from things people used in actual farmhouses. And pottery was definitely one of them! Back before everything was made of plastic, pottery was used in all sorts of applications around the home.

A wooden dining table in a rustic room decorated with two large pieces of pottery.
How do you decorate a super chunky farmhouse table? With some super chunky pottery of course! (Image Credit: Edward George London)

There are a few places you can find pottery and – as always – the first place I’m going to suggest is a secondhand store. But if you want something that is an actual vintage or antique piece, then I recommend heading to an antique mall. You can also go the new route and support a sustainable brand, such as the appropriately named Farmhouse Pottery.

Light It Up With Candles

Candles are another way to harken back to times of yore, all while adding some ambience. And when I say candles, I don’t mean the heavily scented candles in a glass jar you can buy at every big box home store. I’m talking about simple, white tapered candles in vintage brass candle holders or some other simple and understated holder. Because that’s kind of the theme here, isn’t it? Farmhouse, in its purest form, is about simplicity and functionality.

A wooden dining table with a striped blue and white runner, fresh flowers in a vase and white candles in brass holders.
Okay, I know I’m supposed to be talking about candles and farmhouse table decoration ideas here, but that bread… yum… (Image Credit: Farmhouse 5540)

Think back to when candles and other sources of fire were truly the only way to light a home. They weren’t about decor, they were something people really needed. Now that we have modern lighting, we may not need candles, but they’re just so darn pretty and they instantly create an intimate and slightly mysterious mood.

Don’t Forget About Greenery

Greenery is an absolute must in a farmhouse home (and in any home, in my opinion). And greenery can truly mean so many things. Flowers from the garden in a glass vase, a bowl full of succulents, an evergreen branch, a log from the forest with moss growing on it, a sprig of fresh herbs. And the list goes on and on!

A white and blue dining area with a wooden table decorating with baskets filled with greenery.
Love these baskets filled with some type of slightly wild-looking greens. Fits so well with the rustic feel of a farmhouse dining table. (Image Credit: The Lily Pad Cottage)

Another way to bring in plant life is with a bowl of fresh fruit. You can stay literal to my suggestion of something green by using granny smith apples or limes, but feel free to stray from my specific farm table decor ideas and fill a bowl or basket with any kind of fruit – or veggies – you can think of.

Time to go forth and create your very own farmhouse table setting! Honestly, there are so many different directions you can go when decorating a farmhouse table. I would just stick with the basics principles of keeping things simple with earthy colors and natural materials, add in a few vintage or antique items and that’s about it!

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What’s your favourite way to decorate your dining table? Flowers? Linens? Fancy plates and cutlery? All of the above? Let me know in the comments!



A wooden dining table set with a cream coloured runner and fresh lilacs with text 5 tips for choosing rustic farmhouse table decor.

Posted on May 15, 2024

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5 Tips for Creating the Coziest Farmhouse Dining Table Setting Ever

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