Earth tones are the perfect way to create a warm, stylish interior space that is cozy, nature-inspired – and uniquely you!

A moody sitting area with rich reds, greens and blacks.

First, let’s clear up what colors are earth tones and why you’d even want to incorporate them into your home. Generally speaking, earthy colors are just that – colors that remind you of nature and of our planet’s natural landscapes. Earthen tones are typically brown, green and grey and can also include warmer shades like terracotta, rust and mustard yellow. 

However, I say that if you can find it in nature – you can consider it earthy. It’s truly more about the feeling the palette evokes – meaning it brings the feeling of nature into your home and helps you to feel calm and in touch with something deeper.

If you’re thinking, “but doesn’t an earth tone color palette only work with certain interior design styles?” I am happy to report that just isn’t the case. As you’ll see below, I’ve created five palettes with earthy colors that work in five completely different rooms. A grey-toned minimalist space, a warm boho space, a moody darker space, an eclectic modern space and a bright and airy coastal space.

Keep reading to learn more about how to incorporate earth tones into any interior design space, or skip ahead to your favourite style. And note that these colors don’t all need to be incorporated as paint. You can use them as inspiration for furniture tones, textiles and accessories too!

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Minimalist Earth Colors: Pure White, Subtle Grey, Earthy Brown and Mild Black

We’re going to start with a super muted earthy tone color palette. If you’re like – “boring!” – then scroll down for warmer and brighter tones. But if you love a simple, minimalistic space that can act as a subtle backdrop to your life, then you might want to consider sticking with browns, greys and off-whites. With an occasional pop of deep green by way of a plant-friend!

A minimalistic room with grey walls and wooden furniture accompanied by a complimentary colour palette containing white, grey, brown-grey and black.
Minimalist earthy color tones featuring Farrow and Ball’s All White, Ammonite, London Clay and Off Black.

Warm Earth Tones: Soft White, Terracotta, Fresh Green, Medium Chocolate

Keeping with the “minimalist” vibe above, but warming things up a bit, consider adding in terracotta tones like subtle reds and oranges. This color palette goes well with interior styles like bohemian, global and rustic. As you can see in the image below, this palette also works really well with organic elements such as the wooden detailing on the ceiling and the river rock flooring.

A simple bohemian-styled room accompanied by a complimentary colour palette containing soft white, soft pink-orange, light green and brown.
Warm earth tones color palette featuring Farrow and Ball’s Wevet, Red Earth, Cooking Apple Green and Salon Drab.

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Moody Earthen Tones: Off White, Rust, Smoky Green and Pure Black

Need a little drama in your interior spaces? Earthy colors can do that for you too! Instead of the more subtle earthy  tones, don’t be afraid to be more bold with colors like deep red-brown, dark green and black. (Black is indeed an earth tone! Ever heard of “black dirt?”) However, in order to balance out the drama and give the space a bit of lightness, try including a soft grey-blue or grey-green.

A moody sunroom with orange-red floors accompanied by a complimentary colour palette containing soft white, red, smokey green and black.
A palette featuring moody earth colors, including Farrow and Ball’s Strong White, Blazer, Green Smoke and Pitch Black.

Eclectic Earthy Color Tones: Mushroom, Mustard Yellow, Medium Green and Deep Red

If you’re someone who likes a more eclectic space,  then this may be the palette for you. Dark orange, red-brown, medium green and a little bit of mushroom all blend to create a unique space that those who like to keep it safe may steer away from. But not you! If you want a home that doesn’t look exactly like all the other pin-worthy, Instagrammable interior spaces out there then don’t be afraid to mix it up. 

A contemporary neutral living room with pops of orange and red accompanied by a complimentary colour palette containing greige, mustard, green and red.
Eclectic earth tone color palette featuring Farrow and Ball’s Jitney, India Yellow, Yeabridge Green and Picture Gallery Red.

Coastal Earthy Tones Color Palette: Sand, Creamy Yellow, Sea Blue and Rich Brown

Isn’t it great to know that color palettes featuring earth tones don’t need to be drab and colorless? After all, nature is filled with vibrant shades like creamy yellow and oceanic turquoise. And speaking of the ocean… take your earthy tone color palette inspo from the great big sea by blending various shades of blue with bright hits of yellow. Then balance it out with grounding sand and dark brown shades.

A bright living room with coastal accents accompanied by a complimentary colour palette containing beige, yellow, blue and brown.
Coastal earth tone colors featuring Farrow and Ball’s Oxford Stone, Dayroom Yellow, Blue Ground and Mahogany.

So, what do you think? Did any of these color palettes featuring earth tones speak to you? If so – great! If not – maybe you’ll like my ready-made paint palettes. They’re pre-selected colors that blend perfectly with all types of interior styles!

Which of the above palettes are your favourite? I’d have to say mine is the moody earth tones one, even though my house is still mostly off-white… I’ll get there eventually!



A sunroom with burnt orange flooring, dark green plants and vintage accents with text 5 unique earth tone colour palettes.

Posted on September 22, 2023

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A living room decorated in a mix of vintage and modern pieces.
5 Unique Earth Tones Color Palettes for a Stylish, Nature-Inspired Home

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