Using vintage Christmas decor in your home is not only a way to incorporate unique items this season, it’s also much more sustainable than buying new!

A blue vintage chest with a variety of regular and Christmas decor arranged on top.

Sometimes I feel like a bit of a broken record. (And around the holidays it’s a broken record playing “All I Want for Christmas is You” over and over.) But I just can’t help reminding you all – and myself – that if you want a home that is curated rather than trendy. One that feels both familiar and completely unique. Then vintage is the way to go. And holiday decorating is no different.

In fact, using vintage Christmas decor in your home during the winter holidays is even more fitting. Since this time of year already has all the nostalgic feels built right in. That being said, don’t feel like you have to go crazy with the vintage pieces. Actually, I think it’s extremely important to NOT go crazy at this time of year – in all areas. 

But just a couple of old things here. A couple of old things there. How can you go wrong? Honestly, if you go slow and choose things you can see yourself loving for years to come – then you can’t!

So, here are nine vintage Christmas decorations I found on Etsy, along with my tips on how to incorporate them into your home. You can also check out Etsy’s top picks for year-round vintage home decor – chosen by their stylish editors!

Note that this post may contain affiliate links, meaning if you click on a link and make a purchase a small percentage of the sale goes to yours truly. Please know that I strive to only feature eco-conscious products and brands.

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Vintage Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Tree

If you are a Christmas tree person (and it’s totally okay of you’re not!), then likely the tree is the centrepiece of your holiday decor. I have slightly changed the vibe of my tree throughout the years, but for the most part I stick somewhere in the realm of nature-inspired meets vintage. And what better way to get the “vintage look” with actual, REAL vintage ornaments.

A Christmas tree decorated with vintage ornaments in a room with modern black bookcases.
A vintage tree can go in many different directions, such as more traditional or more modern. I like that this moody, vintage-y Christmas tree pulls from both ends of the spectrum. (Image Credit: Craftberry Bush)

Vintage brass Christmas ornaments on a white background.

Brass Christmas Tree Ornaments

What: Sixteen round brass tree ornaments with pictures of snowmen, sleighs, Santa and more.

From When: Before 2000.

For Where: Aside from hanging these in your tree, you could also hang them in different locations around your house – such as on a doorknob or in front of a piece of existing artwork to make it more “festive.”

Three glass bird Christmas ornaments on a grey background.Mercury Glass Birds

What: A set of three clip-on mercury glass birds measuring about 4.5″ long beak to tail.

From When: 1950s.

For Where: I have a few clip-on birds for my tree (they were gifted and aren’t vintage) and I love to sit them at the edge of a long branch so it looks like they’re just happily perched. 

small silver round Christmas ornaments in a wicker basket.Silver Ball Tree Ornaments

What: Ten small 1″ diameter round glass ornaments.

From When: 1980s.

For Where: These are so cute and would add such a simple and pretty sparkle to your tree.

Vintage Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Walls

If you’re someone who likes to swap out your year-round art for holiday-themed pieces, try one of these three ideas – featuring vintage pieces you may not even think of as “art.”

A vintage wooden stocking stretcher hanging on a wall with bells next to a small evergreen tree in a pot.
This wooden sock stretcher was DIYed using a thrifted wooden stocking, but if you can find a true vintage sock stretcher – even better! (Image Source: Little House of Four)

Wooden stocking stretchers on a grey background.Wooden Sock Stretchers

What: Matching pair of wooden sock stretchers.

From When: 1940s.

For Where: I’ve seen a lot of ideas for using wooden sock stretchers in your holiday home, but I think keeping it simple is the nicest. So hang them from an existing hook or near your fireplace (if you have one) with a bit of fresh greenery or a couple of rusty bells.

Multiple sheets of Christas music spread in a pile.

Christmas Hymnal Sheet Music

What: Sheet music featuring a variety of Christmas hymns.

From When: 1900-1950.

For Where: If you really love to commit to your holiday decor, you can have a few pieces of sheet music framed. You also could just pop open existing artwork that you have and slip a piece of sheet music over your current art or photography. Then, after Christmas, simply take the sheet music out and store it for next year.

A pair of wooden snowshoes propped against a grey wall.

Wood and Rawhide Snowshoes

What: 48″ long wooden framed snowshoes with rawhide webbing.

From When: 1960s.

For Where: I love holiday decor that isn’t over the top. Not only is it a more subtle approach, but it has more longevity when you decorate for winter instead of just Christmas. I’ve seen people hang vintage snowshoes with greenery or create a wreath using them as a backdrop. But I like them just the way they are. Hang them on a hook or take down a couple pieces of art and use the existing nails.

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Vintage Christmas Decor Ideas for Elsewhere

Maybe you have a fireplace mantel. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you like to decorate your kitchen. Or add a little something festive to your coffee table. Here a just a few other odds and ends that are vintage – and cute!

Three brass candlesticks resting on vintage books.
Not much prettier than vintage brass candlesticks with simple white candles! (Image Credit: Liz Marie Blog)

Two brass candlesticks with angel wings sitting on and next to vintage books.Brass Angel Candlesticks

What: Two brass candlesticks with angel wings.

From When: Unknown.

For Where: These would be beautiful in a number of places around the house such as your dining table, your fireplace mantel, your nightstand – and anywhere else that needs just a touch of elegant holiday decor.

Five different-sized wooden Santa dolls next to greenery.

Santa Nesting Dolls

What: Five nesting “Matryoshka” Santa dolls.

From When:  Before 2000.

For Where: I can’t even say definitively where to put these because all I can think of is playing with them! So basically put them somewhere close at hand so you can fiddle with these little cuties to your heart’s content.

A green glass platter on a brass plate stand.

Green Glass Serving Platter

What: Pressed green glass serving platter with three sections.

From When: 1970s.

For Where: Either go the traditional route and use this lovely platter to serve cookies and other sweets on, or treat it more like the beautiful piece it is and display it along with your other seasonal decor use a plate stand.

Are you feeling inspired? I know I am! Every year I tweak my holiday decor just a tad and I’m definitely moving more toward the vintage rustic style, which matches my year-round decor style too. If you want to see how I used to decorate our old home, you can check out my post on nature-inspired holiday decor. I also have a post from a couple Christmases ago with our current living room all decked out.

What’s your favourite holiday decor style? Do you like to go all-out or keep it simple? Do you have any vintage items you love – including items passed down through your family? Let me know in the comment section below!



A blue chest with vintage Christmas decor arranged on top and text 9 vintage Christmas decor ideas.

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A living room decorated in a mix of vintage and modern pieces.
9 Vintage Christmas Decor Ideas for a Cozy and Sustainable Season

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