Sustainable Gifts

Gift giving and receiving is a lovely tradition. Unfortunately, it isn’t always lovely to the environment thanks to the poor quality, plastic-wrapped items that have flooded the marketplace. Put the thoughtfulness back into present-giving by purchasing sustainable gifts from these eco-conscious, ethical companies.

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Put the thoughtfulness back into present-giving by purchasing sustainable gifts from these eco-conscious, ethical companies.


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Yet every year as the holiday season approaches, you fill with low-level dread. It’s time to buy you friends and family gifts – but they aren’t treehuggers like you. They’re all normal and stuff.

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Looking for eco-friendly mother’s day gifts? Well, you found them!

Whether you’re the treehugger in the family, or your mom is, these ten nature-inspired, green mother’s day gifts are sure to delight.

I’ve never had to wonder where I got my love of nature.

Because my parents infused it into my childhood from the very beginning. Not that we talked about it.

It was just something we did.

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