Home Staging Tips by Of Houses and Trees | When it comes to selling, your outdoor spaces need to be just as beautiful as your indoor spaces. Here are a few home staging tips focusing on the yard.Whoa guys. The possibility of us building Our House in the Trees next year is actually pretty high. Like already picked out our appliances high. Not that there isn’t a chance it won’t work out because, hello, construction be crazy. But I am allowing myself to feel slightly excited. Not that I’ll end up brokenhearted if it doesn’t happen. I love our current house and staying here another year or two certainly wouldn’t be the end of the world. But we have been planning to build and move to the land for six years now. We’ve kind of reached the “if we’re going to do this, then let’s do it already” point.

Which is why Devin and I are preparing our current home for sale even though we likely won’t list for another six months or so. Because we’re the kind of people that like to be ready. Although I’m thinking selling the home you’ve lived in for ten years and building a new house is somewhat akin to having a new baby. You’re never quite ready and when it happens you are both filled with extreme joy and deep, deep terror. But maybe that’s just me being melodramatic.

I wanted to share the process with you and offer some home staging tips I’ve come up with or stolen from somebody else. First up – outdoors!

Neaten Things Up

Just like with the inside of your house, this is probably the most important step. What you have to do in your yard will largely depend what time of the year it is. If your backyard is covered in snow there’s not a ton you can do other than make sure there’s no summer toys poking out from under the white stuff. If it’s spring or summer, make sure to keep your lawn, rock gardens and flowerbeds weed-free. (At least, as weed-free as possible without using horrible chemicals.) Prune trees and plants as needed and consider adding a fresh layer of mulch on top of any exposed soil. In the fall, rake the leaves (option to leave a few speckled across the lawn for that cozy autumn feeling), cut back dead plants, put away summertime items like wading pools and those super-comfy but kind of tacky overstuffed fold out chairs.

Outdoor home staging tips, including cleaning up, fixing up and adding colour.

Tackle That To-Do List

Oh we all have it. That list of things we need to tackle, but really don’t feel like it at the moment so we add it to a list that multiplies like an infestation of baby spiders. (Yup, that’s a thing and I know this because it happened in our yard two summers ago.) Maybe your outdoor faucet leaks. Maybe your deck paint is peeling. Maybe you have warped fenceboards. (Again, all things that have happened in my own backyard.) Well, friends, the time has come to do all those things and more. It’s my opinion that potential buyers will look for any reason to not like your home. It makes the decision-making process easier to have one less “maybe” on the list.

Outdoor home staging tips, including cleaning up, fixing up and adding colour.

Add Colour

Even in the winter you can still add a splash of colour to really draw the eye and make a potential buyer say, “Golly gee I sure do like colour!” Hang wreaths wrapped in red ribbon in your trees or even just make sure any evergreens you have are looking nice and purdy. In spring, summer and fall colour is easy. Flowers, patio cushions and accessories come in every colour of the rainbow plus a million shades more. My favourite colour to decorate with is, of course, green. But blues are pretty much a universal fave and more vibrant colours like orange and yellow look so nice amongst nature’s own palette. You can also add colour in more permanent ways by painting doors, fences and decks in trendy shades. Just don’t go too crazy.

Outdoor home staging tips, including cleaning up, fixing up and adding colour.

Work with What You’ve Got

I’m a firm believer there’s no need to run out and buy all kinds of items to get your yard – or the rest of your home – ready for sale. Sure, you might need tools or paint to do your repairs or a few plants to really brighten things up. But don’t go and spend hundreds of dollars on a new patio set just because the one you have is a rusty old hand-me-down. Our patio set is just that, but we spray painted it silver several years ago and it’s still ticking along. I made some custom-fit cushions, bought an inexpensive umbrella to tie it all together and there you have it. A cute space for those potentials to picture themselves sipping bevies and enjoying the sunshine.

Outdoor home staging tips, including cleaning up, fixing up and adding colour.

Take Photos When Your Outdoor Space Looks Best

If you’re planning on selling during a beautiferous time of year that’s great! Potential buyers will be wooed – in person – by your luscious foliage. But if you know you’re going to be selling when your yard is covered in snow (or worse – snow mould), then stage it ahead of time and take photos. Where I live, the best time of the year to take photos of your yard is mid-summer. We were a little late and ended up taking these photos in the early fall, but I still think they look pretty nice. Now, we can virtually woo buyers by adding these pictures to our online listing when the time comes. And one last tip – have photos of your outdoor spaces available for buyers to look at when they come for a viewing. People like pictures. Especially when it’s of luscious foliage.

Do you have any home staging tips for outdoor spaces? What about the rest of the home? I plan on posting a few of these over the next few months so any thoughts you have would be much appreciated! Don’t forget to subscribe for posts on architecture, interior design, DIY projects, sustainability, gardening, home decor and healthy eating. You can also now follow my blog with Bloglovin!


When it comes to selling, your outdoor spaces need to be just as beautiful as your indoor spaces. Here are a few home staging tips focusing on the yard.

Published October 15, 2017

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Outdoor Home Staging Tips + Our House in the Trees Update
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4 thoughts on “Outdoor Home Staging Tips + Our House in the Trees Update

  • October 16, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    Great tips on selling. I’ve become a master at selling (and buying) and I can attest to the fact that people LOVE to imagine themselves sipping cold ones and relaxing on the deck. They also look at things like how much maintenance do I have to do on this yard. As in you are a gardener, you live for mulching, digging, pruning, and watching the foliage shoot up and flower. Not everyone is a gardener. They may look and say ermagod, I. Can’t. Even. They see weed city! Cutting into beer time! So downplay the magnolias and orchids and make it look easy peasy. And add a firepit or propane deck heater. They love that too. Good to hear you are finally getting out of Dodge!

    • October 16, 2017 at 3:10 pm

      Really good point! I sometimes forget other people don’t love nature as much as I do. I mean – how can you not?! But different strokes. I don’t like sitting on my deck drinking beer, but many, many people do (including the co-owner of this house). So more focus on the lounging and less on the foliage. Something to consider for sure! Thanks for commenting number one fan 😉

  • October 19, 2017 at 4:38 pm

    I don’t know much about staging a home for sale but the pics you have taken show the backyard very nicely. Its very appealing, the deck is inviting, and I like how its openess flows into the natural surroundings. I’m sure there’s a buyer out there who can picture themselves sitting out there and enjoying whatever their passion is, whether it be gardening, bevy drinking or both

    • October 20, 2017 at 11:36 am

      And that’s just the point of staging. To appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. Of course, you’re not going to hit the mark with everyone. But as with most things in life I believe things all work out in their own way and in they own time. So when it comes time to sell, the right person or people will find our house and it will then become their house. Hard to imagine someone else living here though. I hope they love it as much as we do!


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