Welcome to Of Houses and Trees, where I aim to help you green your home – and your life.

Hi! I’m Larissa and I’m a treehugger.

Hi! I'm Larissa and I'm a treehugger. Come visit me over on Of Houses and Trees, where I aim to help you green your home - and your life. Let's be treehuggers together!

I truly believe we need to put the environment at the top of our priority list and start greening everything we do.

Whether it’s as small as incorporating eco-conscious products into everyday life.

Or as big as building an environmentally friendly house from the ground up.

We need to think, every day, about how our actions impact this beautiful planet we call home.

Sustainable Design, Sustainable Living, Sustainable Everything

Looking for eco-conscious design and decor?

Or for tips on how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle?

Maybe you’re a treehugging individual or business owner and wants to partner with me on a project?

And make sure to check out the sustainable home my family and I built amongst the trees.

A little more about me…

I thank my parents for my love of the natural world. I spent my childhood running through the field and forest in front of my house, camping in the mountains and was taught to appreciate everything from birds, to wild animals, to – of course – trees!

I’ve also always been fascinated by houses, particularly old ones, and after I graduated from high school I studied architecture and worked in a design firm for five years.

But my insatiable curiosity took me back to school and I earned a Bachelor of Arts Combined Honours Degree in English and Creative Writing.

Aside from running Of Houses and Trees, I’m also a freelance writer, dance instructor and am currently working towards my Associates Degree in Cecchetti International Classical Ballet (more school!).

I live with my husband, two daughters and cat in what I fondly call Our House in the Trees in Parkland County, Alberta, Canada.


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