Welcome to Of Houses and Trees! A blog about sustainable designsustainable livingsustainable eating – sustainable everything!

Go ahead. Call me a tree hugger. But I truly believe we need to put the environment at the top of our priority lists and start greening everything we do. Whether it’s as small as incorporating eco-conscious products into everyday life. Or as big as building an environmentally friendly house from the ground up. We need to think, every day, about how our actions impact this beautiful planet we call home.

And now, here’s a bit more about me, delivered in point form. Because, well, it’s been proven that people like lists. And also, I really like bullet points.

  • I’m a writer, dancer, musician and designer.
  • I have a diploma in architectural technology as well as a combined honours degree in English and creative writing.
  • I began blogging in 2004. Started Of Houses and Trees in 2012. And launched a completely redesigned version of the site in 2016.
  • I live with my husband, Devin, and our children in Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada where I work as a freelance writer and dance teacher.
  • To learn even more about me visit www.larissaswayze.com.

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